Simple Way to Add AdSense for Feeds to Your FeedBurner Feed

If you’re like me, you probably have FeedBurner feed all set up for your blog, but want to add AdSense for Feeds for some extra revenue.  And if you have done some research, you probably heard nightmare stories from people who switched entirely from FeedBurner feed to Google feed.  Lucky for you, I have a simple solution!

Set Up Your AdSense for Feed

First, log into your AdSense account and set up AdSense for Feed:

  • Click on AdSense Setup
  • Click on AdSense for Feeds
  • This takes you to the main set up screen.
  • Click on burn a new feed (look toward the bottom)

    You’ll get a pop-up box.

    • Enter your non-FeedBurner feed address — i.e.,

      • Click on Next and you’ll see this pop-up box

        • Click on Next again
        • Click on Close

          Now you are back on the main set up screen again.

          • Click on Create new channel
          • Enter a name — i.e., Blogthority.  You can make your feed targetable if you want.
          • Click on Add
          • Set up your ad placement and configuration
          • Copy your AdSense for Feeds feed address – i.e.,
          • Click on Save

            You are done on AdSense side.

            Redirect Your FeedBurner Feed To AdSense Feed

            Now log in to your FeedBurner account.

            • Click on your feed — i.e., Blogthority
            • Click on Edit Feed Details…
            • Change your original feed — i.e., to AdSense Feed — i.e.,
            • Click on Save Feed Details button

            That’s it! You’re done.  You may or may not see the change immediately.  However, you’ll start to see ad Impressions and other statistics rolling in on your AdSense Report.

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            2 Responses to “Simple Way to Add AdSense for Feeds to Your FeedBurner Feed”

            1. Peter says:

              Thanks for the tutorial – very helpful as I set this up today..

            2. Peter says:

              quick question about this.. it seems like for some reason new feed items are not showing up in the feed. When i open up the source of the RSS feed


              the new items are there, but in a reader or if i add my rss feed to another site – the most recent item to show up is one from a few days (week?) ago?

              any ideas why this might be?