Improve WordPress Database Performance

I was browsing Greatnexus Internet and Web page and came across Yoast’s Optimizing WordPress Database Performance article. This article caught my interest because I have been having issue with my VPS crashing more often than it should and was trying to figure out what’s wrong.

In the article Yoast, mentioned a new WordPress plugin called Debug Queries and said that it’s design to help you find inefficient database queries — naturally, I was interested. I downloaded the plugin and installed it on my main blog. The result was very surprising. Debug Queries found that my home page was making 1,776 database queries per page load — yes, almost 2,000! Upon further inspection, I found the offending plugin to be Cross-Linker. After deactivation of Cross-Linker, the number of database queries dropped to 21.

This is unfortunate because I like the plugin. But fortunately, I found another linking plugin called KB Linker that works just as well, and impressively, the number of queries remained at 21.

So I just want to shout out to Joost de Valk, Frank Bültge, and Adam R. Brown.  Good job guys. Thank you for terrific blogs and plugins.

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