How to Write a Killer Guest Post: The Art of the Clickthrough

Now that we’ve figured out who we want to write a guest post for, the trick is to figure out how to get those readers to become your readers. By choosing an appropriate blog to write a guest post for, we know that their audience and your potential audience has a lot of overlap. But the get their readers to click through to your blog, we have to make them not only interested in what you have to say, but hungry for more.


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Here are three suggestions for how to achieve the elusive clickthrough and potentially turn their readers into your readers as well:

1. Tell your story in your post, but not the whole story.

No matter if your post is fact based or personal, it still tells a story. That story should be something that you’ve explored on your own blog in more detail at some point, and this is where using links to your blog within your post is key. Inserting links at relevant points to provide more detail about points made in your post can get the reader interested enough to click through and read more. Don’t overdo this, however. Use a few select links and make sure they are to relevant and interesting articles of your own, that will encourage your new reader to delve even deeper into your site once they get there.

2. Relate your post to other posts/topics on the host blog.

The readers of the host blog are readers because the host is providing them with something of value. Don’t try to completely stand out and be unique – relate your topic to another that the host blog has explored successfully in the past. A perusal of their popular posts or categories, or simply asking the host what types of topics seem to do best on their blog, will really give you an edge when it comes to engaging their readers. And engaged readers are more likely to turn into your readers.

3. Write a great byline with relevant post links.

Most blogs will let you provide your own byline for the post, and instead of just linking to your front page, write a sentence about the main focus of your blog with a link to one of your best posts as well. One of my most successful guest posts in terms of driving traffic back to my blog, the host invited me to link to a few of my posts in my byline, and it really worked wonders as far as clickthrough to my blog. And subsequently my pageviews and subscribers both jumped significantly over the following days and weeks and stayed that way.


Guest posting can be a great way to expose your writing to new readers, and to help your own readership grow, no matter what stage of growth your blog is in. You just need to be selective about your opportunities. That is not to say I discourage the writing of guest posts for any blog (and I still write guest posts for a wide variety of blogs myself), but doing a few specifically targeted ones may give you better results than you expect. Write a few great guest posts and soon you’ll have opportunities knocking down your door, and readers who will follow your blog anywhere.

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6 Responses to “How to Write a Killer Guest Post: The Art of the Clickthrough”

  1. paidtwice says:

    I love the pictures you add to my posts Pinyo!

  2. Troy says:

    Good article… I’ve always been a little too nervous about guest posting to ever approach anyone to write a post for their blog, but someday that will change 🙂

  3. Four Pillars says:

    Great post – I wish I would have read this before I did my Blueprint posts since I didn’t add any links within the post.


  4. Pinyo says:

    You’re welcome. Thank you for writing such a wonderful post. I am all for guest posting. The one thing that really helped my blog was to write a guest post for Get Rich Slowly last year. Without help from JD and the opportunity, I think my blog will still be a no name blog.

    I don’t expect the same kind of success with every guest post though, but it’s a great way to get your name out in front of different audiences.

    I am also paying it forward by hosting guest posts from other bloggers. It’s a great way to get some break while I am working on other stuff too. 🙂

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  6. Great post!

    I just wrote an article on the steps one should take before writing a guest post, yours explaining how to write the post itself is a great complement to mine. Therefore I decided to recommend it to my readers! You will probably get my trackback at the same time as this comment!

    Good job!