How To Make Money With Your Blog Posts – Overview

Most bloggers start thinking of making money with their blogs at some point.  Some start their blogs with the idea of making extra income and some only start monetizing their sites after years of blogging.  I think it is a great idea to try to make at least a little bit of money from your blog so that it will give you motivation to continue posting.

I’ll be doing more detailed posts on the topics discussed here.  This post is an overview of the the three main keys for making money:

  1. ContentCertain topics make more money than others.
  2. LinksInbound links to your posts and blog help with monetization.
  3. Format of the article – Search engines use algorithms to figure out what your post is about.  Use standard formats to make it easier for them.

What kind of content?

On occasion you will hear big bloggers give out such sage advice as “write good content” when asked about how to make money.  Unfortunately this advice is completely useless.  Who sets out to write “bad” content?   How do you know what “good” is?  What if you aren’t a good enough writer to produce “good content”?

If you currently monitor statistics and earnings on your blog per post then you might notice the following:

This is because of the content and the topics you discuss.  In a nutshell, if you want to write a post that has the potential to make money you need the following:

There has to be some sort of potential financial connection between the search engine visitor and a company that might advertise on your post.  For example if you write about a product or service that can be ordered online then those companies will have a financial incentive to advertise on your post.

If you just write about what you had for breakfast every day then there might not be any kind of financial connection between a potential advertiser who might buy ads on Adsense and the product you are talking about  (ie bacon and eggs).

Inbound links

Inbound links are what search engines such as Google use to determine if the material in your post is trust worthy.  The more links you have and the higher the quality of the source, the better off you are.  Site authority is also important, if your site has been around for a while (1 year+) and has lots of inbound links then that tells the search engines that the site is probably legitimate which means you will rank higher in the search engine results page.

Article formats

The following guidelines are not written in stone, but they will all help to some degree with the search engines.  Worst case scenario they make the post easier to read and won’t hurt your rankings.  If these terms don’t mean anything to you – don’t worry, they will be discussed in future posts.

  • Keywords – should be in the url, in the title, in the first paragraph, bolded somewhere, in one of the h3 subtitles.  If nothing else put the keywords in the url and title and somewhere in the beginning of the post text.
  • H3 tags – should be used for the subtitles within the post.
  • Title tags should be used for the meta title.  The post title should be using H1 tags.

Here is a more complete article on SEO article formatting.

3 Responses to “How To Make Money With Your Blog Posts – Overview”

  1. Thanks for the great post.

    It’s uncommon to find good SEO information that covers all of the basics. There is so much bad information on this subject and so many SEO “experts” who are giving bad advice.

    Much appreciated.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Bret. I’m definitely no “expert” but I have learned a lot over the last few years and I enjoy sharing that knowledge.

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