How To Write Money Making Posts More Efficiently

One of the keys to making more money with your blog is post volume.  Quality is important of course, but everything else being equal – the more posts you have, the more money you can make. The problem is that you only have so much time to research and write posts.

Most good research posts (which tend do well with search engines) have two main components:

  1. Research – If you are not familiar with a topic or have limited knowledge, you will have to spend some time researching the topic.  This part can be very time consuming.
  2. Writing the post.  Some people will take hours to write a post, but a lot of bloggers can crank out a post in 30-60 minutes, once they have the information they need.

The research portion of this process can be quite time consuming, which is why you often see bloggers write about topics which don’t require any research.  The problem with those types of posts is that they often don’t contain any useful information and won’t get much search engine traffic.  An example of this type of post might be “What I ate for breakfast today“.  🙂

If you have any expertise in a topic, then you can use that knowledge to help you write research posts without doing a lot of research.

One trick to efficiently produce a money-making post is to find a topic from your everyday life that has earning potential and then write about it.  If you are not sure how to determine earning potential then I suggest you read this post about different types of search engine visitors.

If you are familiar with how retirement accounts work or if you like buying new electronic equipment, then write about your experiences.  If you have done some research before making a large purchase, then you have already have the research portion done – now just write the post.

If you think about it – if you can write 5 articles in 10 hours that make $3 per month,, that will give you a reasonable payback for your time.  But if those same articles require extensive research and take 5 hours each – then the payback will be a lot longer.

This strategy is limited, since you probably aren’t buying major items every day or changing banks every month, but it should give you a bit more bang for your buck.

The easiest place to use this technique is consumer purchases – items that can be ordered online are best, but pretty much anything goes.

Have you bought a camera lately?  Do a review – you might have to do a bit of research on the technical details of the camera, but you should be able to talk about why you bought the camera and what you think of it from your experience.  Replaced your hot water heater?  Did some renovations?

Some examples of common stuff that might have earning potential

  • Electronics – Dvd players, tvs, cell phones.  If you have purchased anything like this in the last year or two then do a review.  You can talk about what you were looking for in said device and then talk about whether it met your expectations.
  • Books – Book reviews aren’t great money makers for me, but if you have read a recent and popular book, then doing a review might make you some money.
  • Banking/investment accounts – Do you have a credit card, bank account, investment account?  Write about it.
  • House insurance, car insurance, life insurance –  If you have it, you must know something about it and can produce a post.
  • Cell phone plans/home phone plans – What plan do you have?
  • Internet packages/cable tv – Talk about which company you use, which package you have.
  • Vacations – Write about airline deals, hotels, tourist destinations, travel insurance.

If you have any hobbies, do some keyword research to see if there is any earning potential. The payoff doesn’t have to be high since you can put the content together quickly and will probably enjoy writing the content.

4 Responses to “How To Write Money Making Posts More Efficiently”

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  2. Matt Jabs says:

    I agree. Writing money making posts that are within your realms of expertise – or per recent experience – is much more sustainable than trying to continually write about things you must pour hours of research into, then constantly fact check while writing.

  3. I just hate writing these types of posts. And I feel that those who write too many of these types of posts are the highest risk of burning out.

    You’ve got to be a user and REALLY love the product!

  4. Blogthority says:

    @Matt – You know it! 🙂

    @Sam – Nonsense. You don’t have to love a product to write about it. Just write about your opinion and experience. The info will be useful to someone.

    Negative/neutral reviews are just as useful as positive reviews.