Link Roundup – Blog speed, backup and fixes

I’ve never done a link roundup on Blogthority, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  If you have any links that you think should appear in future roundups, feel free to email me.

On with the links

About Online Matters wrote a detailed post about website latency and performance tools.  Web site speed is very important so bookmark this one.

Out of Debt Again had a scary experience when she lost her blog.  Luckily she had backups and was able to recover.  It is absolutely critical that you make backups of your blog, even if you have no idea how to restore.  Here are two posts she did:

Being Ruth shows us the two most common fixes for WordPress problems.  Very good easy fixes to remember when things go wrong with your blog.

Money Help For Christians had two very informative posts on:

Jonathan Fields had a great essay on the role of publishers and authors in the new era of electronic media.

2 Responses to “Link Roundup – Blog speed, backup and fixes”

  1. Thanks for the mention and links to my posts on backing up WordPress blogs. Also thank you for the link to Being Ruth, I especially love the solution for renaming a folder when a plug-in goes bad. I have so far had success with deleting the plug-in folder of the plug-in giving me trouble, but if you didn’t know which one was the problem that would be a great solution. Thanks again, Mike!

  2. Mike says:

    No problem Mrs. A.

    Thank you for the great, useful posts!