How Much Should I Charge For Freelance Blogging?

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a blogger whom I greatly respect about a freelance writing position for a software company’s blog. I checked out the company and felt that I could do a good job writing for them, so we started our negotiation process.


One of the first question that came up was how much do I want (the gig is paid per accepted article). Since I haven’t consulted for a long time, I had to do some homework.

How Much Should I Charge For Consulting Work?

Method 1: Base it off my current job

I could base the freelance blogging rate on my current pay rate, assuming I am happy with the pay rate. However, it’s important not to forget your non-salary benefits, which is usually about 30-50% premium on top of the base pay.

For instance, if my current pay is $20 an hour, my ideal rate would be $30 an hour (after I factor in the 50% to cover my benefits).

Method 2: Base it off the amount I should have been paid at work

Let’s say my current job doesn’t pay me what I think I deserved. I could come up with a freelance blogging rate that I think would be a fair trade for my effort. Then follow the same process above to find out the ideal rate.

Method 3: Base it off the market rate in the industry

May be the current job has nothing to do with the freelancing job, as is the case for me. In this scenario, it’s worthwhile to do a little research to identify the market rate. Some places to start include:

When you find a similar job, make a list and start formulating your rate based on the information you’ve gathered.

Method 4: Base it off my blog income

Since I also blog in my spare time, I have an additional option of calculating the consulting fee based on my blogging income. For example, let’s assume I wrote 20 posts last month and earned $500 for my effort. That’s $25 a post, and I could use that as the starting point.

However, my blog and income level grows from month-to-month, so I could do some kind of projection to make sure that I’ll be paid more from the freelancing gig — at least for a while.

How Much Should I Ask For?

How much you should ask for is not the same as your ideal rate. In my opinion, you should add 25%-50% on top of your ideal rate. This way you have some room to negotiate in case your potential employer wants to play that game.

However, you have to be careful and not go overboard with your asking price…they may never call you back.

More Freelancing Tips

Additionally, here are some great tips I found:

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8 Responses to “How Much Should I Charge For Freelance Blogging?”

  1. K13 says:

    Very useful post. I will have to try that. I am looking into some freelance work myself.

  2. i made around 20 posts last month which netted me $1600, so thats $80/post.

    not bad! 😀

  3. Pinyo says:

    @K13 – Thanks!

    @LOD – Please share with us how you did it.

  4. basically you either monetize your site or you don’t. don’t do it half way. look at this post:
    $2,667 in passive income

    I basically made $1665 from 8 different sources. you want to try and include as many different sources as you can. Linkworth is going to be huge earner for me this month – $960!

    and subscribe to my feed! Thats the real secret 😉

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  7. So how much are you charging?

  8. Blogthority says:

    @Sam – Infinity. 🙂