Setting Your FeedBurner Feed To Report Feed Clicks – Pros and Cons

FeedBurner has an option where you can choose to track any feed clicks originating from your FeedBurner feed.

To select this option:

  • Log into FeedBurner
  • Choose your feed
  • Analyze
  • Configure stats
  • Select Item link clicks

But is this a good idea?

Pros of tracking feed clicks

If you have this option selected, you will be able to monitor clicks on feed items.  For example if someone is reading your feed and clicks to get to your site, then you will be able to see this in your Google Analytic stats.  The source will be “feedburner / email” or “feedburner / feed“.

Here is a link with more information on tracking feed clicks.

Cons of tracking feed clicks

The bad part of this option is the link generated for your feed item.  In order to track the clicks, FeedBurner has to add a bunch of extra stuff to the post link.

So what?

The problem with longer urls is that other bloggers will frequently use this modified link when linking to your blog.  I don’t think there are any SEO issues, but it sure looks funny.

For example this link was in a newspaper newsletter –

The actual post link is just

Everything in the long url after the basic post url is for tracking feed clicks.


I don’t have my feeds set to track feed clicks.  I like having the feed url show the proper url and I don’t see the value in tracking the feed clicks.

6 Responses to “Setting Your FeedBurner Feed To Report Feed Clicks – Pros and Cons”

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  2. Steve says:

    I agree. I’ve never been able to understand the value in knowing who clicks through – it’s not like it gives you an accurate picture of who actually read the article. Plus, the long messed-up URL makes it tough to copy-paste for roundups or emails.

  3. Peter says:

    Agreed. I prefer to have the pretty links as well.

  4. Tax Guy says:

    I picked you site up via Google alerts on my URL! I’ve actually had some problems with dead links using the tracking. Wasn’t sure of the cause but I’m going to turn it off.

  5. Mike says:

    @Steve – I have enough stats that I spend too much time looking at – don’t need anymore. 🙂

    @Pete – Yup.

    @Tax Guy – You are the lucky winner! I actually took that link from Rob Carrick’s newsletter, since I notice that he uses the long urls from his reader.

  6. Tax Guy says:

    Rob’s article was a big win! BTW this site is a great idea.