Guest Post Basics – Stick To Your Knitting!

One of the best ways to grow a new blog is to do guest posts on other blogs. The two benefits are:

  1. New readers – Assuming some of the readers of the guest post like what they read, they might click through and subscribe to your blog.
  2. Link juice – Google uses links to your site to measure how much “authority” your site has. The more incoming links you have and the higher quality they are (ie coming from sites with higher authority), the better off you will be.

Like likes like

As I discussed in Guest Post Secrets – it’s important to guest post on blogs which write about similar topics to your own. If you write mainly about debt reduction, there is no point in guest posting on a car repair site, if new readers are what you are seeking.

If you have a financial blog, it is important to remember that the vast majority of financial blog readers only want to read financial blogs written by someone in the same country. Americans don’t want to read Canuck money blogs and vice versa. We have different investment accounts, different rules, laws and taxes. Guest posting on a blog from another country is good for link juice, but a waste of time if you are trying to get new readers.

Size matters

Whether you are trying to get new readers, more link juice or both – Try to publish guest posts on the biggest blogs you can. Most big blogs that I know are more than ok with accepting guest posts.

Don’t “start off small” and work your way up – start big and work your way down.

It’s safe and easy for a new blog to guest post or exchange guest posts with another new blog, but guess what? Waste of time. No link juice and very little potential for new readers.

Put together the best guest post you can and start shopping it to the big blogs in your niche.

4 Responses to “Guest Post Basics – Stick To Your Knitting!”

  1. Good points. Guest posting is more effective if it’s on a relevant site and better to hit the biggest sites that you can.

  2. Rachelle says:

    That’s the thing about my niche… I’m very lonely 🙂

    Any ideas about where I could guest post?

  3. Mike says:

    @Rachelle – What about some of the real estate blogs that participate in your carnival? Or maybe Garth Turner? ;P

  4. Rachelle says:

    That’s just it – the problem in a nutshell. There are no “bloggers” out there in the real estate sphere. Even the sites that link into me for the carnival have no page rank, not on technorati and no traffic. They don’t even understand about linking back and how that works. Consequently on Technorati I have a pretty high rank as a pf blogger lol and have no RE authority.

    The joys of creating a niche….I’m not sure what I’d have to do to Garth for him to allow a guest post. 🙂 He won’t even send in a link for the Carnival. I hate to admit though a highly placed comment with a link back to my site and a gloomy article will get me many visitors.