How Self-Publishing Works

Since becoming a world-famous author*, I’ve had a number of people ask me about self-publishing and how the whole process works.  There are some great resources available and I’ve written down a few of my thoughts as well.

Self-publishing does not mean ordering 500 books at a time and mailing them out by hand.  Authors can upload their books to Lightning Source or CreateSpace and have the book listed on Amazon automatically.  You don’t have to handle any transactions or deliveries if you don’t want to.

It also does not mean you have to complete every step yourself.  You can outsource things like cover design, editing, and writing (if you want!).

If you self-publish, it is possible to get your book into bookstores, but it will probably take some legwork to make that happen.

My self-publishing business model

The business model I used is laid out in Aaron Shepard’s book “Aiming for Amazon” – free pdf here:  If you wish to buy the updated physical book (well worth it), be aware it has been split into two books:  Aiming For Amazon and POD For Profit.  Excellent, excellent resource.

Here are a few articles I wrote on the self-publishing experience:

*not true

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