How To Make More Money From Search Engine Traffic With No Extra Effort

I’ve written a number of articles about how to increase your blog earnings without any extra effort or time.  The basic philosophy is that if you can write about more profitable topics and cut down the number of posts to account for the fact that the new topics and other activities will take more time, you should be able to increase earnings without spending more time on your blog.

Here is a collection of posts which explain the details of this philosophy.  Keep in mind that I come from a financial blogging background, and while these ideas might work for other topics – some areas just won’t do well with search engine traffic.

Why you have to make money blogging.  This article is for any bloggers who feel guilty about wanting to make money from blogging.  Either make some money or fade away.

Most online income is earned from search engine visitors.  You may feel loyal and grateful to your regular readers, but they are not your customers and you will likely not make any money from them.  Regular readers want entertainment to help them pass the time at their boring jobs.  You are that unpaid entertainer.  🙂

Don’t be a slave to your regular readers.  I’m not suggesting that regular readers are bad – far from it.  However, basing all your actions on regular readers will hurt your profitability.

How to pick profitable blog post topics.  This basic article covers the importance of topic, in-bound links and format when writing profitable articles.

Different types of search engine visitors and the income they generate.  Not all search engine visitors are equally profitable.  This article will help you understand the motivations of different search engine visitors which is key to evaluating the profitability of post topics.

On a different note – if you are a newer blogger and getting discouraged about lack of income – don’t be afraid to sell some text links to keep you going.

The detailed “how to” articles

These articles are designed to allow the reader to put in practice the concepts discussed in the first section of posts.

How to do keyword research using the Google Keyword tool.   This article explains the nitty gritty details of keyword research.  It’s worth learning how to do this research so that you understand search engine factors and how they affect your search engine traffic profitability.

How to format your articles for search engine optimization.  This material is very simple, but is important.  Search engines are dumb machines – don’t make it hard for them to figure out what your article is about.

The importance of links and how to get them.  Detailed article which contains everything you need to know about links and some suggestions on how to get more of them.

Guest post secrets.  Guest posts are a good way to get links and build some traffic.  This article has some suggestions to make this activity more fruitful.

Write useful post titles.  More simple stuff, but very important.  Make your titles descriptive of the article topic.

Make your blogging time more efficient.  Reduce or cut out unprofitable activities.

.  Write about what you know.

Good luck with your money blogging!



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