Welcome to Blogthority — the Beginning

Writing the first post for a blog is never easy — it is an art in itself. For me, this is an opportunity to say how it came to be, what the blog is all about, and why you should read it.

So why did we start this blog?

My friends at the M-network and I have been blogging for various lengths of time, but most of us started sometime in 2007. We got together about 6 months ago when one of us decided the best way for a newbie to succeed is to band with other like-minded bloggers. So the network was formed.

Since then we collectively grew our combined subscribers base from less than 500 to over 5,000. And we saw our traffic increase dramatically. I can’t speak for the other members, but my readership went from 1 reader (me) when I started to over 75,000 page views this month.

What’s the point of all this? The point is, as a group, we’ve learned a lot in the past 6 months and we want to share those ingredients of success with you.

What is this blog about?

Since we don’t write about blogging on our main blogs, we have decided to create Blogthority as an outlet where we share the lessons we have learned about blogging. We will be writing about blogging topics such as:

  • blog design,
  • marketing,
  • search engines optimization (SEO),
  • converting readers to subscribers
  • monetization, and
  • networking

We will also write about important soft skills like interacting with readers, other bloggers, advertisers, and others in the field. Occasionally, we will discuss hard skills, such as programming, site maintenance, database maintenance, and other technical issues.

Why Should You Read this Blog?

We recognize that there are a lot of good meta-blogs out there — actually, the web is over-saturated with meta-blogs. However, most of these blogs are run by one person with a singular view about the topic. And the honest truth is that many more meta-blogs are run by someone who has never experienced success with blogging.

We feel that as a group, we can provide you with more well-rounded information. We are also writing based on things that have worked for us, so you know the information we provide is not just some last minute rehash — it is actually useful and applicable. Also, we are gearing our information to people who are new to blogging, so most of the concepts presented will be actionable and easy to understand.

In the end, I am sure you will find this blog useful. Please be sure to subscribe to our full feed (which we provide for free of charge). Alternatively, you can subscribe via email and get the newest articles delivered to you on the same day we post them.

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