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Increase Your AdSense Revenue With “Who Sees Ads?”

Friday, February 8th, 2008

One key concern about having advertisement on my blog is the fear of alienating my readers; especially regular readers who come to the blog daily and leave comments. Unfortunately, some of the best monetization opportunities call for disruptive ad placement. For example, one of the best performing AdSense ad is the large rectangular block placed inside the content itself.

So, how can a blogger strike a balance between maintaining an appealing blog while maximizing its revenue potential? On my personal finance blog, I struggled to make decent money with AdSense. I can’t reveal my CTR (Click Through Rate) and eCPM (Effective Cost Per 1,000 Impressions), but I thought they were abysmal. After some research, I stumbled upon what seems to be a perfect solution. The plugin is called, “Who Sees Ads?

Who Sees Ads? allows me to show a 300 x 250 AdSense ad block for posts older than 20 days old and for anyone that comes through a search engine (note that these conditions are highly configurable). This means that my regular readers (who mostly read newer posts) wouldn’t see the large and disruptive AdSense ad block at all.

This is what most regular readers see:

Web page with no ad

This is what shown on posts older than 20 days old:

Webpage with ad

The result? My AdSense revenue (measured by CTR and eCPM) increased by over three folds!