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What’s Your Blog Exit Strategy?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Okay, you have launched your blog, and you have been pouring your heart and soul into it.  You are gaining readers, made new friends, and enjoying the overall experience.  Since nobody can blog forever, have you ever thought about what you’ll do down the road?  I haven’t thought about this until a friend (DebtKid) asked me that question.

exit strategy
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Seven Blog Exit Strategies

As I went through the process and considered what I could do if I ever got tired of blogging, here are some of the options:

1. Go Out Quietly

The first option is to simply take it offline.  Let the web hosting run its course and the blog will simply disappear into oblivion.  This is probably the most common fate for blogs.

2. Stay Online, But Stop Updating

If you have a profitable blog with decent amount of organic traffic, leaving it online without updating may be a sensible option.  All you have to do is minimal maintenance and enjoy the residual income from all the hard work you have done.  I believe the official term for this is mothballing your blog.

3. Stay Online, Update A Lot Less

A variation of the one above is to keep it online and only update it once in a while as a post idea emerges.  One of my favorite blogs, Skelliewag, is following this strategy — hopefully for a short time only.

4. Sell Your Blog

There are many marketplaces that you can buy and sell blogs — i.e., SitePoint Marketplace and DigitalPoint Forums.  Just like any other assets, a well developed blog could fetch decent amount of money.  Yaro wrote about high-profile blogs for sale that’s worth reading if you are exploring this option.

5. Sell Your Content

Even if you can’t sell your blog as a whole — i.e., the buyer don’t want your domain name and brand — your content is still valuable.  Depending on the niche and the quality of your content, you could sell your articles for decent amount of money.

6. Turn It Into A Group Blog

If you are simply tired of writing, but you still want to stay in the blogging business, you could do turn it into a multi-author blog.  Of course, this only works if there are proper incentive for the potential contributors — i.e., money, traffic, recognition, etc.

7. Buy And Republish Content

The reverse of “Sell The Content” strategy is to buy content and republish them to keep your blog active.  I am certain that this is not a good long-term solution, but definitely a viable short-term patch to help you through the exiting process.

Do you have a blog exit strategy?  If not, do you think you need one?

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