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Say Goodbye to WordPress Comment Spam with YAWASP

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

In How To Fight WordPress Comment and Trackback Spams, I shared several techniques that you could use to reduce the amount of comment and trackback spams that hit your blog.  Spams are not getting through on my blogs, but it’s still a pain to review for false positives among spams caught by Akismet. Fortunately, there’s a relatively new WordPress plugin that will significantly cut the amount of comment spams without placing any burden on your readers.

no spam

Image by buggolo via Flickr

YAWASP – Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

YAWASP is spam fighting plugin for WordPress developed by Sven Kubiak and Lukas Sadzik — thank you guys.  It does the job by replacing the comment form field names every 24 hours with random values preventing spambots from adapting to the comment form. Furthermore, it adds a hidden blank field that needs to be left empty. If a spambot fills this field, the comment will not be saved.

Ever since I installed YAWASP, which works along side Akismet and Simple Trackback Validation plugins, the number of spams caught by Akismet went down from almost a hundred per day to 4-5 a day.  This makes my task of fishing out false positives a lot easier than before.

If you are interested in the plugin, you can download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.