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Earn More Money With AdSense-Analytics Integration

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Recently Google made AdSense-Analytics integration available for my account.  I only have a few days worth of data, but I am very impressed with the information so far. As I analyze the data, I am beginning to see some potential uses. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should start with this Inside AdSense’s article: Make a date with data in Google Analytics — make sure you watch the video, which is included below.

Make More Money With AdSense, The Basics

Before I go into more detail about how I am planning to use the data, let’s cover the basics. In short, your AdSense income depends on three key factors:

  1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) — There are several things you could do to improve clickthrough rate.  This includes experimenting with:
    • Ad size (e.g., Skyscraper, Leaderboard, etc.)
    • Ad type (i.e., text versus image) — In general, I prefer text ads over image ads.
    • Ad placement (i.e., location or locations on the page) — Based on my experience ads below the Post Title perform very well.  Likewise, Skyscraper ad on the left also performs well.
    • Ad format (e.g., color, border, background, etc.) — My general preference is to have title link that matches the color of links on my site, no border, and matching background color.
  2. $ per click (CPC) — This is mainly determined by the topic and keywords of your blog/posts.
  3. Traffic — In general, the more the better.  However, different traffic type can have significant impact on the CTR.  For example, social bookmarking traffic tends to have very low CTR.  On the other hand, traffic via links from mainstream websites and traffic from organic searches tend to have much higher CTR.

    Use Integration Data To Improve Your AdSense Income

    Now that we have the basics covered, I want to go over two specific ideas on how to use the new data.

    High CTR / High $ per click Pages

    The first set of pages prime for optimization are the high CTR / high $ per click pages.  You want to drive more traffic to these pages because they are money makers that just need more traffic.  Here are a few ideas:

    • Link to these pages from your sidebar or from your home page.  For example, you can call these “Featured Articles”.
    • Link to these pages when you are writing new articles.
    • Link to these pages from your high traffic pages.
    • Buy ads that drive traffic to these pages.  This requires some tinkering since you have to figure out how to spend less on the ads than you are earning to keep some profit.

    Low $ per click Pages

    Another idea revolves around low $ per click pages; especially for pages with high traffic and high CTR.  For these pages there are several things you could try:

    • Look at the ads that appear on these pages and try blocking them. Hopefully, this will bring up the $ per click.
    • Tweak the keywords to attract higher paying keywords.
    • Stop showing AdSense and experiment with other types of advertisement — e.g., relevant affiliate ads, CPM ads, etc.  For example, I am doing this with one of my page that has high traffic and high CTR but with $ per click that’s around 5 cents.
    • Another idea is to replace AdSense with links to your other high CTR / high $ per click pages.

      Anyway, this is a relatively new and you may not have statistically significant amount of data to work with. However, it’s worth exploring and sees what you could do to positively impact your earning.  Here’s a good article I found on this topic: 10 Ways To Analyze AdSense Analytics To Make More Money from

      Are You A Blogger Making Money? Tax Deductions You Might Be Able To Take

      Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

      If you are making money from your blog, you are going to have to report it on your tax return. I know, it’s a bummer. But the good news is that you are making money from being a writer! Do you know how many people can say that? Not many, my friend! Depending on your individual situation, adding all that money to your tax return can add a significant amount of tax to your final bill. However, there are ways you might be able to reduce the amount you owe, whether or not you do this professionally or just as a hobby. As with any tax issues, take these up with your tax professional, as they don’t all apply to everyone equally. I am not an accountant or a CPA; just a blogger who makes a decent income from his sites!

      • Web hosting fees
      • Domain name fees
      • Telephone usage
      • Cell phone usage
      • Office supplies
      • Logo creation
      • Trademark filing
      • Corporation creation
      • Fax number/line
      • Business stationary
      • New computers, monitors, etc.
      • Percentage of space your home office takes up, relative to the size of your home
      • Business cards
      • Advertising expenses
      • Conference fees
      • Business gifts
      • Charitable donations in the name of your company
      • Office rent
      • Percentage of your utilities, relative to the size of your home
      • Professional organizations (for example,
      • Search engine optimization
      • Magazine subscriptions in your “industry”
      • Accounting services
      • Tax preparation fees
      • Meals out with potential or existing clients
      • Postage Fees
      • Software
      • Banking Fees
      • Prizes for contests
      • Books
      • Travel expenses related to your job

      As with anything related to taxes, make sure either you or a professional knows what they are doing if you start doing deductions. The IRS does not like people who take advantage of the system, but at the same time, you should not pay more taxes than you need to. And as I said before, please get your tax advice from a tax professional, as they don’t all apply to everyone equally, and maybe not at all. If you have anything to add to the list, let us know in the comments!